Evidence in action

Supporting Parents and Carers in Edinburgh (City of Edinburgh Council)
In partnership with NHS Lothian and voluntary organisations, the City of Edinburgh Council is working to build capacity within all sectors to provide co-ordinated universal support for parents and carers. This work is based on an early intervention approach which aims to ensure that parents can access the support they need, when they need it.

About Families helped the Supporting Parents and Carers in Edinburgh team to think through how to involve service users in the action planning process, to ensure that plans were informed by their needs and views. This support included helping them to develop their capacity to capture and use information to increase their internal evidence base.

In 2010 Supporting Parents and Carers Development Officers undertook a consultation exercise with parents to explore the challenges they face and the support they need. About Families worked with the team to analyse and report on these local findings, and supported the development workers to develop tools to evaluate the Parent Information Points (PIP) which provide information for parents.

“There has been a recognised raised awareness of parenting issues and the ability of professionals to provide information and “a listening ear.” (Helen Purves, Development Worker, City of Edinburgh Council)

“We are committed to carrying on using action planning methods [introduced by About Families] to evidence, plan our objectives and outcomes and develop methods for measuring quality indicators and outcomes. This has helped us plan our draft Action Plan to support the Parenting Framework.” (Sue Cameron, Development Worker, City of Edinburgh Council)

“Our ability to analyse the data and present our findings in a clear, concise way has helped us demonstrate to partners the success of PIPs.” (Steff Kaye, Development Worker, City of Edinburgh Council)
Includem is a voluntary organisation that supports Scotland’s most vulnerable young people.
In 2010 Includem launched a toolkit, ‘A Better Life’, for staff working with vulnerable young people.
This toolkit works through key stages of intervention with modules which can stand alone or fit
together as required.

Following the About Teenagers forum, About Families gave a tailored presentation to the ‘Family
Work-Champions Group’ who considered the direct links between the research findings and Includem’s
current practice. This informed the development of further resources to support family work.

Amber Mediation Project, Edinburgh Cyrenians
The Amber Mediation Project work to prevent homelessness amongst 14-24 year olds by mediating
between young people and their parents. Amber has recognised that the challenges of parenting
a teenager can contribute to relationship breakdown. As a result, Amber is seeking funding to run
parenting courses, specifically targeted at families where there is risk of homelessness.

About Families supported Amber to consult with parents and families, to establish
the need for parenting programmes and how they should be delivered. Information gathered through this work provided further evidence to support applications for funding to take this work forward.

Parenting Across Scotland (PAS)
PAS is a partnership of voluntary organisations working together to provide a focus for issues and concerns affecting families in Scotland. PAS supports parents through its website and Ten Top Tips booklets as well as through its partners’ helplines. PAS also engages with policy makers to highlight what matters to parents and families in Scotland, and shares good practice and research.  Following the About Teenagers forum event, PAS used the research findings to revise its ‘Top Ten Tips booklet, Parenting Teenagers’. It also used the research to update the resources for parents of teenagers on the PAS website.  As part of the work on the website, Parenting across Scotland found that more people were accessing information about Parenting Teenagers from the PAS website.


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