Topic 3 – Parenting on a low income

Given the negative effects of financial hardship, and the current economic climate, About Families asked what research could tell us about parenting on a low income.

Topic briefing
Topic report

The ‘Parenting on a Low Income’ topic was launched at an About Families forum event on March 28th 2012, you can view the presentation from the Forum event here.  A report of the event was also produced, sharing the discussions on the day.

The evidence in action
About Families worked with a range of organisations to implement action plans based on issues arising from the Parenting on a Low Income topic report.  Follow the links below to see examples of how we worked with different partners and how services were developed to support parents and families, including those with disabilities.

Scottish Book Trust

ASH Scotland

Broomhouse Health Strategy Group

Community of Practice
About Families have also been facilitating a Community of Practice for this topic, in partnership with One Parent Families Scotland. This Community of Practice built on the discussions from the forum event.

More information about the Community of Practice can be found here.  A report from the Communtiy of Practice has been produced and can be accessed here.

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