Evidence in action

Scottish Book Trust
Scottish Book Trust delivers Bookbug, Scotland’s national book gifting programme, providing free, high quality books for every baby, toddler, three and five year old in Scotland. To support this, Bookbug provides training for staff in local authorities, health sector and voluntary organisations across Scotland to run Bookbug Sessions. These are free sessions of stories, songs and rhymes for birth to four year olds which encourage parents to sing, cuddle and read with their children.

Scottish Book Trust was rolling out a programme which aimed to reach vulnerable children and families and those living in the most deprived communities across Scotland. About Families worked with Scottish Book Trust and You First (a Barnardo’s project for young parents) to engage parents in developing training for practitioners who are working with these vulnerable families. This training aimed to build the capacity of professionals to support parents and children to spend time sharing books together and to attend Bookbug Sessions within their local communities.

Through this work and reading the topic report, Scottish Book Trust staff increased their understanding of the barriers which vulnerable parents and carers may experience when accessing library services and Scottish Book Trust Bookbug Sessions, and recognised the importance of hearing the views of young parents.

“The reports have helped highlight the importance of the services we provide, by making us aware of how important free activities and resources are for families…by hearing the views of young parents on libraries and why they don’t attend them, it has helped us to better understand why Bookbug Sessions aren’t as well attended by target groups, as we would hope…In the future, we will aim to engage more regularly, through our Bookbug Coordinators, with parents” (Heather Stirton, Early Years Outreach Manager, Scottish Book Trust) 

ASH Scotland
ASH Scotland’s vision is of a healthier Scotland, free from harm and inequality caused by tobacco and it campaigns for effective tobacco control legislation in Scotland. Now in its 40th year, the organisation has played a key role in raising awareness about tobacco use and its harmful effects contributing to the implementation of effective public health policies to help smokers to quit and to protect children from tobacco.

About Families worked with ASH Scotland and money advice services in Glasgow and Lanarkshire in 2012 to develop support for parents living on a low income. This pilot worked on recognising the costs of smoking and benefits of stopping smoking/tobacco use, and exploring whether money advice service professionals would help to raise the issue of tobacco use.

As a result of interviews with 39 money advice professionals and 12 service-users, ASH Scotland recognises that the links between tobacco use and finances are complex. For example, these research findings suggested that some service providers may have presumptions about client preferences which are not borne out in reality. ASH Scotland will further investigate these issues and share findings with key partners in Scotland to inform models of working between money advice and stop smoking services, and will contribute to tobacco awareness-raising sessions with practitioners working to support parents and families.

“The service user interviews were very informative and challenged professional money advice workers beliefs. The findings from the money advice user interviews and the money advice workers survey will be used to inform the direction of future work. The pilot has allowed us to consider what our next stage of involvement is and has been useful in terms of informing our inequalities agenda… The experience of involving service users to inform our work has been very beneficial and will be a part of future work with service delivery organisations.” (Tracey Rogers, Inequalities Manager and Linda Bates, Development Officer, ASH Scotland)

Broomhouse Health Strategy Group
Broomhouse Health Strategy Group (BHSG) aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in South West Edinburgh by providing access to affordable, healthy, food.  Through a volunteer led food co-op which provides fresh fruit and vegetables at low cost, cookery sessions and a range of health initiatives including drop-in sessions and walking groups, BHSG aims to reach individuals and families living within low income neighborhoods.

About Families worked with BHSG on Cooking Up a Story sessions, which are cookery sessions delivered for parents and children, based on children’s stories.  A film about Cooking Up a Story was produced to raise awareness of these cookery sessions and encourage parents and children to attend. 


In addition, Broomhouse Health Strategy Group staff and volunteers took part in training with the Scottish Book Trust to further develop their capacity to share stories and have fun by creatively combining stories with healthy eating.



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