Mini-topic: Kinship Care

Across Scotland thousands of children are being cared for by kinship carers.  Kinship carers are often grandparents, aunts and uncles of family friends who are looking after children whose parents can no longer provide this care themselves.  Understanding how to support kinship carers in their parenting role is vital to ensuring that services are meeting the needs of families across Scotland.

In partnership with Citizens Advice Scotland and CHILDREN 1ST, About Families recognised that the findings from the ‘Parenting teenagers’ and ‘Together and Apart’ topics could be used to inform how services support kinship carers.

To complement the evidence briefings produced by About Families, a  factsheet on kinship care was produced, in partnership with Citizens Advice Scotland and CHILDREN 1ST.  This factsheet distils some key information, trends and statistics relating to kinship care.

Kinship Care: Factsheet

You can also view the presentation from the event and the event report which captures the discussions.

The evidence in action
About Families has been working with a range of organisations to implement action plans based on issues arising from the Parenting Teenagers: relationships and behaviour topic report.  Follow the links below to find out how we have been working with different partners and how services are being develop to support parents and families, including those with disabilities.

Citizens Advice Scotland and CHILDREN 1ST

Mentor UK


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